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April 5, 2015 by Dima May

Did you know as many as 50% of those with neurological injury will suffer from changes in the visual system, and that many are undiagnosed?

The Brain Injury Association of Maryland (BIAMD) is a wonderful organization whose mission is to prevent and help treat Brain Injury. BIAMD hosts an annual conference where experts speak about treatment and prevention of traumatic brain injury. This year Dr. May had the privilege of speaking about the importance of examination and treatment of vision after neurological trauma in her presentation:

 Visual Development & Rehabilitation Following Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury

Dr. May discussed:

  • How vision is affected by brain injury;

  • The interconnectedness of vision with other sensory systems;

  • Treatment of vision dysfunction in brain injury;

  • The role of Behavioral Optometry in the rehabilitation process.

You can view and download the full presentation here.

Here is some food for your brain (thought):

  • 70 % of all sensory processing in the entire body is directly affected by information coming from the eyes

  • Brain Trauma is the second most common cause of vestibular damage

  • Anyone suffering a brain injury should have a comprehensive dilated eye exam and a visual field test to check for damage to the visual system