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There is so much information available right now, some true and some false; we want to make sure you are getting accurate facts regarding contact lenses! Currently there is no recommendation to discontinue wearing contact lenses; however, the CDC recommends that we refrain from touching our eyes, nose and mouth. As a contact lens wearer, this can be difficult! If you are concerned about acquiring infection through insertion or removal of your contact lenses, you can always play it safe and wear your eyeglasses. However, if you wish to continue wearing contacts, please read on!

Your contact lenses will will be delivered directly to your home with FREE shipping.

If you have insurance benefits you can use them when ordering online, by the phone or via email.

Order Online

You can place contact lens orders securely using our Contact Lenses Supplier website:

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If you have insurance benefits that you'd like to use for your order, simply submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement following their specified instructions

Call or Email

You can order contact by emailing or calling and leaving a message. Please let us know if you would like to use your insurance benefits.

Pertinent Information

To avoid potential infection, we have always recommended washing your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses. We now recommend that you wash your hands (for at least 20 seconds) both before AND after putting your contact lenses in and again before and after contact lens removal. You should always follow all manufacturer instructions for proper cleaning and disinfection listed on your contact lens solution bottle. If you are still concerned about disinfection, we recommend changing to a hydrogen peroxide solution system such as Clear Care. If you do, please be sure to read the directions carefully prior to use.


With advancing technology in contact lenses, most everyone is a candidate for some form of contact lens. Advanced Family Vision Care is happy to offer an exclusive 'Buy 'Em Back' policy, so there's no risk involved either!

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Advanced Family Vision Care offers an exclusive ‘Buy ‘em Back’ policy that guarantees you won’t be paying for contact lenses that you can’t adapt to.

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